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Customized To Meet Your Needs

Looking for a system that does not require special labels, that is easy to use for your nursing staff and cost effective? Discuss and select the best label for your application from your Patient ID Xpress™ Distributor.

Patient ID XPress™ can print labels from 4.25” wide to 12” high. Label size and patient information will be customized based on the Hospital’s requirements. General label specifications and parameters include:

Label:Continuous, die-cut, fan-fold with guide
Width:19-118mm (0.75” – 4.4”) and 10-60mm (0.75-2.36)
Length:10-999mm (0.4” – 39.3”)
Length (Without peel and cutter):10-999mm (0.4” – 39.3”)
Paper Thickness:0.06 – 0.25mm
Roll Diameter:5.5”
Roll Core Diameter:25.4mm – 76/2,, (1-3”)
Black Mark Height:1.5mm (minimum)
Black Mark Width:8mm (minimum)
Vertical Bias:1mm (maximum)
Horizontal Bias:1mm (maximum)
Width:25.4 – 114.3mm and 25.4 – 60mm
Length:300m (maximum)
Outside Diameter:2.5” (67mm) (maximum)
Coated side out


Single-step Method Saves Time

Patient ID XPress™ supports direct printing; label printing and protective pocket insert wristbands. The preferred, single-step method for wristbands is Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printing. This is where the bar code information is directly printed on the wristband. Specific wristband materials are available for hazardous and long-term use conditions.

Advantages of direct print wristbands include:
  • Saves time
  • Simple secure snap closure prevents removal of band
  • Select the correct patient size, type and length
  • Plastic material keep scanning service flat and easy to read
  • Most widely used wristband for bar code ID banding
  • Ability to select color-coding bands
  • Prints higher quality bar codes

Different sizes, materials and closure types are available with the Patient ID XPress™ system. Contact your closest distributor and see what time & cost saving solutions are available with a Patient ID XPress™ wristband system.

With Patient ID XPress™ you decide when and where you want to print wristbands. Patient wristbands can be printed anywhere at any time just by scanning the Master Patient ID Label.